Shark Race-R Pro GP Replica Lorenzo Winter Test Mat Helmet (KRK)

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1-A shell built with a COVA (Carbon On View & Aramid) structure: lightweight, resistance to both abrasion and compression, effective at preventing delamination, shock absorption.
2-Multi-density, EPS(Expanded Polystyrene) shell: optimal damping at each impact zone.
3-Chin guard fitted with a removable, variable airflow anti-pollution filter.
4-Dual-density, EPU (Expanded Polyurethane) chin guard: Material designed above all to absorb shocks reverberating around the chin guard.
5-Ergonomic visor grip for improved handling and easy opening.
6-High-strength visor comes with an Optical Class 1 rating and variable thickness (ranging from 4.2 mm to 2.8 mm) without introducing any visual distortion. Treated to prevent scratches and fogging. System installed to enable quick visor disassembly.
7-«Quick Spoiler Safety System»: allows ejecting the spoiler in the event of a fall to limit the effects of secondary shocks and thereby guarantee the rider’s optimal safety.
8-Aerodynamic spoiler: the Race-R Pro GP has been equipped with a spoiler designedto optimize aerodynamic performance when traveling at very high speed*.

* Extreme speed beyond the authorized legal limit: reserved for track trials.