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“Airoh was born out of the desire of making the quality, safety and innovation of a helmet designed for road and off road champions available to all lovers of two wheels.”


Airoh incessantly pursues excellence and does so leaving no stone unturned. The light shining in the eyes of the most successful champion is the same as that in the eyes of youngsters making their first moves in the world of competitions. Our Racing Unit, consisting of former riders and well-known on and off road industry experts, helps those with the same values achieve their dreams and ambitions.

Unity is strength at the Airoh laboratory. Riders, technicians, industry professionals, engineers and designers linked by passion and preparation combine their skills to create the best product. A tireless search for constant improvement combines with the experience that Airoh draws from the racetracks, with the aim of having the same helmet shared between today’s and tomorrow’s champions and enthusiasts.