PTT Challenger Super Bike Racing 4T Fully Synthetic 10W-60

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Competition-proven fully synthetic motorcycle oil formulated from road racing technology, "ESTER TECH" technology with Ultra film Strength booster to offers exceptional racing performance for extreme performance 4-stroke sport bike and superbike especially for racing and touring purpose.

• Designed for 4-stroke racing motorcycle running at very high speed (RPM) and very high temperature.
• Recommended for extreme performance 4-stroke motorcycle such as big bike, supersport bike, and super bike.
• Suitable for high performance 4-stroke bike such as modern sport and big bikes especially for racing and touring purpose.

• Maximum Performance
ESTER TECH minimizes internal friction of the engine; consequently, maximum torque and power output are unleashed.
• Maximum Protection
Extra film strength of lubricant and extremely high thermal stability maximize engine protection over continuously severe conditions.
• Maximum Impression
Advanced Triple Action Formula offers complete engine and gear protection together with perfect clutch grip performance and gear shifting.