Macna Cooling Vest Evo

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The Macna Dry Evo Cooling Vest works on a simple evaporative system. Add 600ml’s of water into the two layer vest, the water is absorbed into the special internal weave and as air passes over the vest the evaporative effect creates significant cooling. As the water evaporates the cooling effect creates up to 15c degrees temperature reduction, minimizing perspiration loss and keeping the rider dry. 600ml’s of water can last up to three days of riding before needing to be refilled. The vest is made of nylon with an anti-bacterial treatment, so no problems to wash it. It includes holes for extra ventilation and weighs about 1kg with 600ml’s of water.



  • very light - filled the vest weights only 1kg
  • comfortable wearing
  • hygienic, due to antibacterial Ultra Fresh finish
  • holds 600ml of water
  • keeps cool for up to 3 days with one filling
  • maximum cooling down of up to 15°C
  • dry feeling - while conventional cooling vests must be worn wet


Materials: Textile
Style: Touring - Adventure
Sport - Race
Suitable for: Men
Weather type: All weather types


Model id: 165.8071
Version id: 165.8071.180