GloveTacts Smart Fingertip Touchscreen Pads

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GloveTacts make most gloves touch-screen compatible. By using GloveTacts you can keep your gloves on while using touch devices, making using your devices more enjoyable and productive.

GloveTacts are stickers that are easily applied to the outside of the glove wherever touch sensitivity is needed. They are designed to last and when used properly will work for as long as you have your gloves.


  • TOUCH SCREEN: Use to make most gloves touch screen compatible; adhesive will stick to most glove materials
  • COMPATIBLE: Works with many glove types: motorcycle, leather, safety, winter, liners, ski, snowboard, bicycle
  • VERSATILE: Extremely thin material with acrylic adhesive
  • VALUE: Each package contains 4 stickers: 2 small and 2 large. Use large for insulated gloves or devices with screen protectors
  • MADE in USA