Falco 662 Misty Black Women Boots

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These boots combine femininity and grit. Besides their urban and fashionable look, there’s a whole set of details to be discovered. Meant to be worn while riding, the Misty has hidden protections to make your rides as safe as possible. The toe and heel area are reinforced, moreover the ankle has special ABS cup inserts to prevent injuries on this delicate articulation. The selected premium quality materials enhance the boot endurance and durability. The upper lining is made of full-grain leather, whereas the inner part consists on a waterproof membrane called High-Tex. The sole is the main design feature of this model: feminine, bold and resistant. As a final touch the closure system, which is fast and easy with the combination of laces and zipper. What else… You need to try them for yourself!

  • Full-grain leather upper and “High-Tex” warterproof membrane.
  • Reinforced toe and heel.
  • ABS reinforced ankle cup inserts.
  • Laces and zipper combined closure.
  • High-heel rubber sole.

“The Falco ‘Misty’ boots are my go to boots for motorcycling riding. They are comfortable to wear all day and offer full ankle, heal and toe protection.  The boots are easy to take on and off with the stylish look of laces and the inclusion of a zip. The zip tag is fastened with a stud which keeps it in place while riding and ensures no annoying flapping when on the highway. The Misty’s have a heal and grippy tread to provide a little more height for the shorter rider while offering a fashionable feminine look. With consistent wear my boots still look great and the leather is of great quality.  I particularly enjoy the brown colour to suit my retro cream Bell Bullitt helmet and green leather jacket.” - Anette