[Apparel Care] Molecule Refresh 4oz. (118ml)

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MOLECULE REFRESH is a lightly scented spray specifically formulated to deodorize performance wear and equipment. Cosmetic-grade formula contains proprietary Pico12 suppression technology to attack odors at the source and inhibit growth. Containing sanitizing ingredient, benzalkonium chloride (BKC), REFRESH keeps you clean, healthy and performing at your best.

• Contains proprietary Pico12 suppression technology to inhibit growth of odors
• Reduces odors on all types of technical fabrics
• Cosmetic-grade, skin-friendly and sanitizing ingredients
• FDA compliant antimicrobial - BKC
• Maintains fabric breathability
• Light fresh scent


Allow garment or equipment to air dry. Shake well and spray MOLECULE REFRESH evenly, covering all surfaces. In well ventilated area, allow to fully dry before wearing. Becomes more effective with repeated use.