Short Touring Ride

Looking for just a short getaway ride just across the causeway? Craving for the Nasi Padang or Wanton Mee you haven't tasted in years? Although just a short ride away, make sure you are well equipped with basic protective gears! Some information about the right gear for your short weekend breakfast ride. 

It should be light weight/casual, easy to stow, cooling, and of course providing enough protection in an event of a accident. You wont want to walk around in big bulky gear letting the world know that you are a rider. Something that provides you protection and allowing you to be hidden under the radar while you are in KSL or City Square JB will be the best option. We have picked out some suitable riding gears for this kind of ride below!

Places to Explore

Nelayan Seafood By The Coast

Enjoy some fresh seafood with a beautiful coast view! This place is just an hour drive from the customs.

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Soul Asia

Get your foot massages, body massages and aromatherapy treatments here!

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KSL City Shopping Mall

This place needs no explanation! Get a bite, shop for some groceries, and electronics at cheaper prices here.

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Long Touring Ride

Got few days off from work and long for a longer ride into Malaysia? We got your back! Mesh jackets are still recommended for long rides into Malaysia/ Thailand as it can get pretty hot. Mesh jackets offers the best ventilation system. Remember to bring a raincoat in case it rains. You can wear the raincoat over your jacket and continue your ride. More importantly, long rides will require some planning in advance. Make sure to plan for pit stops and book your stay in advance if needed. You will not want to waste time on logistical issues. 

Places to Explore

Genting Highlands - Kuala Lumpur

Climb up Genting Highlands and Fraser's hill on some of the best twisties the country has to offer. The highlands are famous for their strawberries and nature trails!

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Mae Hong Son Loop - Chiang Mai

For those wanting to ride a biker´s paradise, the Mae Hong Son Loop is the perfect antidote. It is the most mountainous province in Thailand and receives little traffic.

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George Town - Penang

Penang has long been recognized as a world-class food paradise. The city is known for its British colonial buildings, Chinese shophouses and mosques. Beyond the old town, George Town is a modern city with skyscrapers and shopping malls.

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