Light Weight Mesh Jackets

Lightweight mesh material provides you with protection and armor while offering maximum airflow and breathability. They are relatively affordable compared to the other materials.

Most Affordable Mesh Jacket

The Acerbis Ramsey My Vented 2.0 Jacket is a summer mesh jacket that offer an excellent degree of comfort and protection to the rider wearing it.

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Most Value-for-Money Mesh Jacket

The Macna Fluent Night Eye Jacket will definitely keep you visible at night in dimly lit roads. It offers great ventilation and is reinforced with rip stop material.

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Most Superior Mesh Jacket

The redesigned Induction Jacket is engineered to deliver exceptional airflow for comfort in the warmest riding environments while providing durable protection.

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Riding Jeans

For shorters rides, Riding Jeans are a great choice without needing to look like an astronaut. They offer great comfort and stretch, good protection and makes you look amazing!

Macna Riding Jeans

All Macna apparels are rigorously tested for seam strength, burst, tear and abrasion resistance and impact absorption and prEN17092 CE approved. This safety standard is not to be confused with ordinary jackets that are just fitted with CE Approved Armour.

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Klim Riding Jeans

Klim's K Fifty 2 Riding Jean is a straight leg fit jean you can count on to perform on the road and trust to look good everywhere else. Complete with integrated D30® Evo Knee and Hip armor and heavy-duty Cordura® Denim construction.

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Casual Riding Boots

Riding boots are important as they protect your feet and leg in an event of an accident. They are usually ventilated and comes with reinforced protection in important areas.

Eleveit FREERIDE Boots

Freeride is a pair of extremely light and flexible shoes made of microfiber with ventilation mesh inside. 2.3 & 2.4 boots contains Eleveit's E-Dry membrane!

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Eleveit VERSUS Boots

The Eleveit Versus WP motorcycle boots are short-styled waterproof sports-touring boots made from full-grain leather with a short sports styling.

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Klim Outlander Boots

The Outlander GTX Boot brings peg support, discrete joint protection and excellent walking comfort combine to create a solution for widely ranging conditions.

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Riding Gloves

Gloves are imporant as they give you a better grip on your handlebar grips. Gloves decrease muscle and hand fatigue allowing you to focus more and ride safer.

Furio Zephyrus Glove

Feel the gentle breeze when you use the FURIO ZEPHYRUS glove. Made with highly breathable mesh material, the glove offers extreme comfort.

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Macna Recon Glove

Flexible short summer glove that has EVA knuckle protection hidden under its Spandex fabric as well as gel protectors on the palm and fingers.

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Klim Marrakesh Glove

The Marrakesh is engineered to excel in warmer temperatures while providing the highest degree of comfort and durability.

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