MT Helmets Thunder 3 SV Jet Solid A1 Matt Black Helmet

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    • Features:

      - 2 sizes shell. Injected thermoplastic shell. ECE, DOT.
      - Liner: Removable and washable lining. Antiallergic fabrics. Inner ventilation.
      - Security: Full metallic micrometric buckle. Multiple density inner polystyrene.
      - Visor: Optical polycarbonate anti-scratch visor. Inner sun visor. MT- V-19 visor. 2.2 mm thickness visor.


      - The New Thunder 3 Jet SV includes the MT-V-19 visor. This visor provides a bigger field of vision and more protection. MT visors are made by an injection process using optical polycarbonate of high performance and ensure an accurate and optimal vision. The MT-V-19 visor incorporates a small spoiler on the edge to reduce turbulence and noise caused by wind in the bottom of the helmet. The MT-V-19 visor mechanism allows a quick and easy removal. Once the screen closed, the mechanism of the base pushes against the rubber profile ensuring an optimal seal.

      - This new model has an easier operation system sunvisor. We have improved the accuracy and the control using a wire guidance system providing greater softness.