id221 Moto A1 Plus Bluetooth Headset

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The long awaited MOTO A1 Plus is finally here! It includes significant upgrades compared to its predecessor the MOTO A1. MOTO A1 Plus now supports 2 person intercom! It comes with 1 year warranty and a new clamp kit.Official Distributor of id221 in Singapore! 

As seen on official id221 website.

 Caution: As an official distributor, we provide 1 year warranty only to modules purchased from us. Be sure to purchase the Singapore (English) version. Look at poster to learn how to identify.


- Supports 2 Person Intercom (Compatible with other headset brands)
- Bluetooth 5.0
- 1 year warranty
- Volume control, answer call, activate voice assistant from module.
- 2 microphones provided (Boom & Boomless)
- New clamp kit provided (3M tape also provided if prefer old method of attaching to the helmet)
- Improved sound quality (Higher clarity, deeper bass, heavier treble & louder volume)
- Able to connect 2 handphone device
- 20% smaller speaker size (Easier to fit into helmet ear hole!)

- Standby time: 2 weeks
- Operating time: 12 hours
- Mode protocol: hfp/hs, a2dp, avrcp
- Dust, rain and snow resistant
- Battery type: lithium battery
- Operating temperature:-10 degrees~50 degrees

- Please bring the receipt and module to our shop if there is issues with the unit.
- If problem happens within 7 days of purchase, it will be classified as manufacturing defect. We will do 1 to 1 exchange without fees after unit is certified defect by our technical team.
- If problem happens within the year, after the first 7 days, a one time fee of $25 applies for 1 to 1 unit exchange.
- If problem happens after 1 year, warranty does not apply.

Download instruction manual


MOTO A1 Plus & MOTO A1 Plus Intercom Set Up Tutorial