Falco 126 Safary Black Boots

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  • Features:

    • Full-Grain Oil-Treated Leather Upper And High-Tex Membrane
    • Hard-Wearing Rubber Toe And Heel Reinforcements
    • D3O Ankle Cups Inserts. Rear Calf Stretch Accordion
    • Hard-Wearing Vibram Rubber Sun
    • Upper In Full-Grain Leather With Water-Repellent Treatment And High-Tex Inner Membrane.
    • Anti-Wear Rubber Toe And Heel Reinforcements
    • Malleolus Inserts In D3O
    • Elastic Calf Area
    • High Resistance Vibram Sole
    • Hydrophobic Leather Upper And High-Tex Membranes
    • External Reinforcements Tip And Rubber Heel
    • Malleole Inserts In D3O
    • Calf Comfort Insert
    • Anti-Slip Vibram Sole